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ISBN 13: 9780765367495

The Passengers is a brilliant, mile-a-minute high concept thriller that will ensure you never want to get into a self driving car. It takes place in the UK in just a few years time. The Library of the Unwritten , by A. Hackwith Ace, October Every book nerd has imagined what it would be like if their favorite character came to life.

In The Library of the Unwritten , a character leaps out of an unfinished book to get his writer to finish the story. Our characters also travel to awesome other worlds like a Mesopotamian afterlife, and Valhalla, where they battle with words, but the words turn into physical objects that can actually hurt people. The battle will put earth and humanity in the middle.

Novice Dragoneer , by E. Knight Ace, November When I started reading Novice Dragoneer , even though it was my first time reading it, the book felt like one of my old favorites. It was charming, fun, and very comforting like only a classic can be. I knew that I had to work on this book.

Novice Dragoneer is about a young girl with a stutter who runs away to the Serpentine academy, to learn how to become a dragon rider, even though her lowly station in life puts her at a disadvantage to all of the wealthy people around her. She make friends and enemies both humans and dragons and find her own unique way in the world. Who can say no to that?! It follows a young woman named Zahra, who is in the sway of a charismatic cult leader.

But as soon as they do, everything starts to go wrong. Their escape route is closed off, and they begin discovering the bodies on board. They quickly realize the government lied to them about what happened on the ship…and that whatever killed all those people is still waiting. Then it wakes up. This thriller never loses steam.

Unnatural Magic , by C. Waggoner Ace, October This ridiculously charming debut fantasy is about a young woman with an incredible natural talent for sorcery, a troll trying to prove herself without her clan, and a human deserter. This story has it all—a delightful, unique magical system that sees sorcerers use mathematical equations to produce magical results, a sinister, arcane mystery, and a deeply affecting romantic relationship.

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I think readers of V. Schwab, Naomi Novik, and Genevieve Cogman will be entranced. Vaelin is now a living legend who has put down his sword and seeks a more peaceful life. But when he learns that Sherin, the woman he lost long ago, has fallen into the grasp of a warlord on the rise, he has to face danger again.

I know fans, old and new, will be very completely sucked in by this epic, gritty quest. The alchemical city of Athanor, which was originally inspired by the skeleton of a leaf, is a strange and beautiful thing, and the descriptions of it will leave you breathless with wonder. We wanted to bring this wonderful urban fantasy to English readers, as we delighted in its strong characters, who are fighting for justice in an alternate Israel where magic is banned and magicians are outcast.

Equal rights and a compelling love story make this a thoroughly engaging read for all. Think murder, mystery and magic with two very different protagonists, tied together by their pasts. Roger Weathersby is a resurrectionist and man of science, scraping a living by selling bodies, who believes magic a myth. Sibylla is a princess with magic in her veins, trying to navigate her family politics and avoid marrying her cousin. Sixteenth Watch.

This is a fast paced and engaging story, and a must for all military space opera fans. Carey loves.

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Carey struggles. Carey must learn to be. A beautiful reflection on a day-after-tomorrow theme. Nazi mastermind Heinrich Himmler conscripts a brilliant physicist to devise a weapon of almost incomprehensible power. In the present, an elite terrorist seeks to punish the Great Satan America with fire and death—and he may have discovered the long-lost Nazi weapon. But a Smithsonian historian and an aging Colorado cowboy are determined to stop him by unearthing the secret history of the Nazi atomic bomb!

Tyger Burning , by T. Now if one Burmese veteran can learn to control his combat implants and develop a few new tricks the aliens have never seen, humanity might have hope for a free future. Marque of Caine , by Charles E. Caine Riordan has been summoned to visit the ancient and enigmatic Dornaani. A brilliant tour of alien cultures. Hampson September The next phase of humanity moving out beyond the confines of Earth is on display in these sparkling and exciting stories of what humans will become when they make the leap from Homo sapiens to Homo stellaris. Edited by a brilliant experimental neurobiologist and a working space scientist, and featuring the top minds of science fiction!

Contributors: Kevin J. Hampson, Nikhil Rao, M. Cherryh and Jane S. Cherryh and co-author Jane S. Fancher return to the beloved Alliance-Union universe, the setting of the Hugo-winning novel Downbelow Station and countless fantastic other works, including the Faded Sun trilogy and the Merchanter novels.

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This new installment in the ongoing sci-fi saga delves into the mystery of an unidentified faster-than-light ship and the impact of its arrival on the inhabitants of Alpha Station. Titanshade , by Dan Stout March This noir fantasy thriller from debut author Stout introduces the city of Titanshade, a gritty oil boomtown where danger lurks around every corner. Finder is the smart, witty, and fast-paced tale of Fergus Ferguson, interstellar repo-man, told in sharp prose that will have you laughing out loud. Fergus is a delightful reluctant hero—a bit of a con man and a thief, whose newfound allies sigh with exasperation as they agree to his latest implausible plan.

Lies of Descent , by Troy Carrol Bucher August Troy Bucher has been in the military for nearly thirty years, traveling all across the globe to work with a variety of individuals. His journeys infuse Lies of Descent with a deep understanding of cultural interactions, as he details the epic conflict between two warring nations, a war begun by the gods themselves.

This debut begins an epic trilogy of fallen gods, betrayal, and magic, where two young people must learn to navigate their differences to confront the greater threat that looms over them both. Unraveling , by Karen Lord June The newest novel from phenomenal, award-winning Caribbean author Karen Lord, Unraveling is equal parts murder mystery, interdimensional fantasy, and metaphysical discussion, wrapped up in gorgeous prose. Forensic psychiatrist Miranda investigates seven unusual murders by walking through mazes of memory, with the help of otherworldly beings Chance and Trickster.

The serial killer case keeps the tight plot moving quickly against a backdrop of grand-scale magic and questions of choice versus fate, justice, and responsibility. Wanderers , by Chuck Wendig July Chuck Wendig has created the book of —and not only because this book is getting the kind of early buzz that hints that it will be shaping the conversation all year.

Set in an eerily familiar contemporary America, it begins with a mysterious sleepwalking epidemic: One day, about a thousand Americans wake up and begin walking together across the country, towards some unknown destination.

For in a world that values women only for their potential to breed the next generation of male magic users, women are about to take back their own in a major way as a subversive spell generations in the making gives them not only control of their own fertility, but also the ability to wield their own unique magic. And woe betide any who try to stop them from standing up and claiming their equality. And did I also mention that one of the heroines is a middle-aged mother of teenagers?

Early response to the book has been terrific, and I cannot wait for more readers to experience it. Wake up, world, and hear us roar! Set in a contemporary and chillingly realistic America, The Nobody People follows a diverse group of people trying to protect themselves and their loved ones against a fearful and dangerous society when they reveal that they have extraordinary, world-altering abilities.

With its boundless heart and grit in the face of adversity, The Nobody People is the book we all need right now. Inspection , by Josh Malerman April Josh Malerman has begun by setting it on fire—with Bird Box , the Netflix adaptation of his first novel, becoming a world-devouring pop culture sensation. The world is beginning to wake up to this ingenious mastermind of high-concept horror… and yet nothing can prepare you for the experience of Inspection. Set in a secluded school for geniuses—that the students can never leave—it is a blackhearted fairy tale, a twisted thriller, and a mystery box of horrors and delights that only the mind of Josh Malerman could have conceived.

Akers May I loved The Alienist , and felt like what was missing was subtle magic. Debut author W.

Haze and The Hammer of Darkness |

I think people are going to really connect with Gilda Carr—a smart, capable, no-nonsense young woman. Caitlin Starling paints such vivid picture of what it would be like to be alone, in the dark, miles below the surface, with the only interactions being between her and the voice of her handler—and the ghosts that seem to fill the caves. Becoming Superman , by J. Michael Stracynski July J. Michael Stracynski is one of the most accomplished storytellers of the last 35 years, an award-winning writer for television, movies, and comic books.

L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

But the creator of Babylon 5 and Sense8 has also lived an incredible story, centered around a con-man father and the secrets no one would discuss. The Dragon Republic , by R. Did I mention there are space cats? They linger in the places that mattered to them, and people avoid those streets, lock those doors, avoid going into those rooms…The ghosts can hurt you. Worse, they can change you. The Chaos Function , by Jack Skillingstead March A war reporter is drawn into a mysterious world of shifting timelines, machines that control probability, apocalypses both nuclear and biological, and a secret society that has the power to shape history—and save the world.

Upon a Burning Throne , by Ashok K. Banker April In a world where demigods and demons walk among mortals, the Emperor of the vast Burnt Empire has died, leaving a turbulent realm without a sovereign. Two young princes, Adri and Shvate, are in line to rule, but birthright does not guarantee inheritance: For any successor must first pass The Test of Fire. Gather the Fortunes , by Bryan Camp May In a mythical and magical New Orleans, an inexperienced psychopomp searches the world of the living, the Underworld, and the Worlds to Come for a missing soul whose absence threatens the delicate balance between life and death.

Uller Uprising - FULL Audio Book - by H Beam Piper - Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel

Set in the same world as The City of Lost Fortunes. America is in turmoil. The A. Liz finds herself caught in the middle of a battle she never chose. Life on Mars may have been deadly, but at least up there she knew who the enemy was.

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Sequel to Retrograde. Happy reading! Because Ann Leckie wrote it. Is that too simple? Corey March The universe of The Expanse keeps getting larger, and each new installment ramps up the tension and leaves readers on the edge of their seat. Fans of the series are absolutely going to love the latest entry. And it is definitely worth catching up on. Pre-Order: Add to Bag. The Burning White , by Brent Weeks August Since the beginning, Brent Weeks has been upending expectations and delighting his readers with twists and turns—heroes have become villains and villains have become allies.

And, not to give any spoilers, but the answer is going to surprise everyone.

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  8. Abercrombie revolutionized the fantasy genre with his debut, The Blade Itself. His upcoming epic fantasy, A Little Hatred, is going to exceed his own high standard. With whip-smart characters, action-packed battles, political backstabbing, and extraordinary worldbuilding, A Little Hatred is sure to be one of the biggest fantasy novels of the year.

    The City We Became , by N. The City We Became is her first novel to take place in our world and the modern day. Set in New York City, this stunning book is an exploration of power, class, race, myths and gods, and what makes a city truly a city. This book is something special, and I am SO excited for everyone else to get to read it. David Mogo grumps and stamps his way reluctantly through a cinematic mission to defend his home city from the depredations of malicious gods, while trying to protect those he loves and restore a world broken by disaster.

    Caught up in a vast conspiracy to destabilise society, Amanda has to outwit corporations, governments and the manipulations of a dead ex-lover to survive. Based on the world of his own hit graphic novels, editor Ian Edginton brings together Stephen Baxter, Emma Beeby, James Lovegrove, Leah Moore and much more great talent in a beautiful dystopian steampunk anthology. Think James Patterson by way of Iain M. Banks in a tense, claustrophobic story of intrigue and treachery on the edge of survival. Franz wakes up the morning after he was supposed to die of consumption and is recruited by shadowy other beings to investigate weird deaths: his first case, a stage performer who apparently hangs himself and survives in his show every night, and a string of unrelated suicides across the city….

    Nisi Shawl, author of the critically-acclaimed Everfair and co-author of the award-winning Writing the Other, has put together a wonderful, life-affirming anthology of stories by up-and-coming authors of color. Find out who everyone will be talking about in the next few years. Journalist Alex Dolen, writing about the ground-breaking work at the billion-dollar Sioux Crossing Supercollider, is caught in a horrific accident that utterly transforms him and challenges the very foundations of what we know about the universe.

    When a botched suicide attempt lands her in military prison, she finds herself back in the saddle in an old, battered shell, its AI system as broken and traumatised as she is. Ancestral Night is the kind of wild, big-ideas space opera that made me fall in love with the genre, and proves once again why Bear is a powerhouse of the genre. This is powerful, gorgeous, heartbreaking science fiction that brings together art by two incredible talents—and Clipping will be producing new music inspired by the book like a game of Artist Telephone!

    This Is How You Lose the Time War July 16 follows Red and Blue, time-traveling agents from warring futures, working their way through the past to ensure that their future will succeed. And then, Red and Blue begin to exchange letters. In a world where using magic is a capital crime, a ragtag group of secret sorcerers must pool their talents to stop a scheme that could result in a civil war. The Genesis Fleet saga continues as the newly-colonized planet of Glenlyon comes under attack after helping a neighboring world fight off an invasion.

    Will the star systems that have so far avoided any battles pool their limited resources and come to their aid, or will they stand solo and be blasted out of the solar system? Previously available as three digital-only novellas The Serpent , The Thief , and The Master , this latest tale from the World Fantasy Award-winning author The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is about three talented gamblers invited to participate in a series of high-stakes games that control the real-life fates of empires and economies.

    The Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award-winning author infuses history with magic in this fanciful exploration of the life of Girolamo Savonarola, a key figure and religious rebel of sorts in Renaissance Florence. But when one succeeds and the other fails, their marriage comes under some serious strain. The A. Share This Story. About the author Cheryl Eddy. Gizmodo Earther. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode.