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Males Praeger, Read preview Overview. Holgate; Roy Evans; Francis K. Yuen Routledge, Cherry; Mary E. Dillon; Douglas Rugh Greenwood Press, Communique, Vol.

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Rowland Issues in Science and Technology, Vol. Kristin A. Moore is executive director of Child Trends Inc. The Christian Science Monitor, December 18, Wright, Richard The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Embeds 0 No embeds.

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No notes for slide. Irreconcilable differences 1. Although the link between early motherhood and disadvantage has more recently beenquestioned, professional understandings continue to focus on hardship and social exclusion. Social constructionismprovides a critical approach to the professional constructions of adolescent motherhood. Using discourse analysis,transcripts of individual interviews with 17 New Zealand health professionals working in a variety of settings wereanalysed to examine the discourses used to construct adolescent motherhood.

These constructions have implications for health careprovision for adolescent mothers in New Zealand. All rights reserved. E-mail addresses: M. Breheny massey. Breheny , , and lower rates of immunisation than for theC.

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Stephens massey. Breheny, C. Despite this positive and con- as a problem to be addressed; however, reduction oftextualised view of adolescent motherhood, the surveillance cannot be reasonably achieved in theprofessional view focuses on negative outcomes. These studies did not investigate anyhood.

They are assumed to lack Others have suggested that health care providers doparenting skills, be unable to provide accurate contribute to utilisation of health care Ray, ,observations of the infant, and require cautious that the relationship with health professionalshandling as they are often intimidated by health can empower or diminish adolescent mothersprofessionals Davis et al. The experience of the participants included; Clark, ; Hawksley, ; James, ; providing antenatal and postnatal care, generalMichels, ; SmithBattle, , who are seen as practitioner care, education for pregnant teenagers,the locus of negative views.

Social constructionism is an epistemological Plunket Society Ethics Committee. Informationposition, which maintains that knowledge is inti- sheets outlining the study and requesting participa-mately entwined with social process and social tion were distributed to health care practitioners instructure and draws attention to the role of a variety of settings and health professionalslanguage in providing the categories we use to responded by telephoning the researcher to discussconstruct the world Gergen, One social function of these categories is to in length.

These discursive practices of categorisation experience of providing health care for adolescentinvolve comparing adolescent mothers to older mothers and their views of the health care needsmothers on medical statistics, on marriage and of adolescent mothers. Additional questionswelfare receipt, and by drawing on understandings were asked as issues arose in the interview.

Examples from the dataembedded. Finally, the implications that these con-maintained through language Parker, a, structions have for the health care of adolescentb, This transition wastranscribed interviews were coded into categories. Extracts for the different categories were used to Although some participants said that individualsillustrate the broader discourses being drawn upon matured at different rates, the maturing effect of ageby health professionals in discussing adolescent itself was constructed as paramount.

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  • Conceptual Analysis ARTICLE.

These under-motherhood. Adolescence is viewed as a transitional stage dance at health visits and antenatal classes, andbetween childhood and adulthood that prepares the their haphazard approach to baby care. As oneperson for adulthood MacLeod, These included being self-centred, moody, The health professionals drew on this discourse to insecure, irresponsible, unreliable, and having lowconstruct adolescents as sharing a number of self-esteem.

But if you say aware of Midwife 4. The typical teenager and everything else are far more important thanwas constructed as distracted, having a short things for the baby. And then when they getattention span, and lack of foresight. The adolescent mother think energy wise we were supposed to have themis positioned as developmentally unable to avoid the younger Nurse 1.

The comes as determined by their age. Teenagers eat a lot of takeaways and muck and In summary, adolescence is seen as a necessary you know Nurse 5. Age and stage of maturity are assumed to play a crucial role in Adolescents were seen as socially gregarious, explaining parenting among adolescents. The all the things that teenagers should be doing maternal love of the adolescent mother for her child Midwife 6.

Some participants described ado- say it would be on a par that would be mylescence as a good time for childbearing physically, opinion. Possibly it starts to deteriorate afterwith easy birth and recovery and healthy babies. As the child gets older and gets a mind of its 7. Not always, but Midwife 6. Throughout the interviews behaviour.

Here, it is shown by the young motherattached to physical motherhood Guendouzi, either lugging the baby around or alternatively,; MacLeod, Part Doctor 4. In fact, I want to go back to work. The adolescent mother is existence to begin with. When she does not provide this care she is get and sort of vaguely have a routine in our viewed as having bored of the game. Within this set lives, and go out and go for walks and think of possibilities, the adolescent cannot be constructed 8. Third, this primary positioning ashood among educated women. These three aspects of the analysis areprofessionals.

Motherhood for middle class women illustrated in turn below.

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This same sort of comparisonmothers. So providing the care for them Midwife 2. It has unclear boundaries that are importance of having nice baby clothes where she further confused by the addition of motherhood thinks perhaps the accommodation they live in status.

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Without support constructed differently. These quotes are used to separate adoles- hard realities of parenting. In this way the same practice is mothers was their ability to provide the physicalviewed very differently for an adolescent mother care the baby required. Their youth and health werecompared to an older mother. At times this point was made good practical mothering. In Midwife 5. Doctor 4 The health professionals rhetorically managed the judgement of adolescent mothers by attributing it to In spite of good mothering skills, these adoles- adolescence rather than to individual failing.

In one way thisthe previous section where adolescents were viewed frees adolescent mothers from responsibility foras incapable of the requisite parenting skills. In the their actions, as they are constructed as behaving,previous section adolescent mothers were viewed as even if they are mothers, in ways that any normalloving and bonding with their babies, but as teenager should and developmentally must : socia-incapable of parenting skills.

These constructions lising, eating junk food and focussing on self andare deployed in different ways to deny adolescent self-image. For women in this society, what it means have an impact on the relationships of doctors,to be a particular type of mother can be negotiated nurses and midwives with young mothers. Young mothers have far less alienated by health professionals e. American Journal of Public Health, 88,health and that of their children. Any attempt to — Adolescent development and transitions to mother-mothers needs to take into account the wider hood.