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When you break down and analyze different relationships, one of the key factors is how compatible two partners are. When you share the same values, likes and dislikes, interests, political or philosophical views with someone you are much more likely to be compatible and thus, are more likely to fall in love. Sure, there can always be situations where "opposites attract" but there will always need to be some common grounds for the relationship to grow roots on, or it might fall into one of the other categories of love.

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What is Love? Melissa Emiko Photography Getty Images. Colossians Graham Custance Photography Getty Images. Manuel Breva Colmeiro Getty Images. Psalm Hero Images Getty Images. LeoPatrizi Getty Images. Romans PeopleImages Getty Images. Proverbs Geri Lavrov Getty Images. Galatians AleksandarNakic Getty Images. Christoph Wagner Getty Images. Heath Korvola Getty Images. David Niddrie Getty Images. The anthology has been advertised as depicting stories of romantic love, and in doing so, they've neglected aromantic members of the queer community.

Upon reading the collection, you can see that it's not only panels expressing romantic love, but that initial impression is still there and incredibly harmful. I know of people who passed on the antho completely, because of the title. Second, this sentence inaccurately represents the asexual spectrum, and it perpetuates the harmful stereotype that all ace people aren't interested in sex and are generally sex-repulsed. It's called the asexual spectrum for a reason.


Maybe do some research before you toss our sexualities in, off-handedly, and add to the harm we already face within and without the queer community. On the same page as the "axesuals" usage above, the word "transexual" is used. Anyone who identifies on the queer spectrum knows not to use this term unless a trans person uses it themselves.


Also, it's again misspelled. There is a whole page that romanticizes Zeus as the "ultimate lover" and erases his history as a rapist.

The instances illustrated on that page are moments in which he raped people. There's nothing about that that equates to love. The phrase "a disturbed man" is used to describe the shooter, which is ableist and perpetuates the harmful stereotype that only mentally ill people could commit such a heinous crime. Blatant biphobia! In fact, the words are both used only once.

Second, there's one page that almost tries to define bisexuality, but it fails hard. The characters go from straight to gay and back to straight. That's not how bisexuality works. This page and explanation of bisexuality is like jumping off the diving board over a pool, expecting to hit the water, but instead you backflip backwards onto the concrete. It leaves you bruised, battered, and nursing your wounds, wondering how long it'll take for them to heal. I resent being made to feel that way, and I worry for my fellow bisexuals who may read this and be harmed as well.

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This antho also perpetuates the Bury Your Gays trope, in that it contains multiple at times graphic images of the Pulse victims lying dead on the ground. These images are gratuitous and unnecessary. There certainly has to be better ways to honor these people than to depict them bleeding and dying. The monosexuality is strong with this one.

As I mentioned up on 7, bisexual and pansexual people are never explicitly depicted. Polyamorous relationships are never depicted. Aromantic people are never depicted.

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The only letters who get any face time are the L and the G, which isn't surprising but it still stings. And before anyone says anything, yes the T is represented too, but considering the lackluster, offensive representation they receive, it would almost be better for it not to be there at all. Cishet points-of-view are way too prominent in this collection. To be quite fucking frank, non-queer people had no right to be included in this antho. Their voices are heard every hour of every day. The voices of queer people should have populated this book and would have resulted in better representation , but instead the feelings of non-queer, cisgender, heterosexual people are centered.

It's just another tally to add to the list of times our voices have been pushed to the wayside for the sake of cishet feelings. The only reason I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 star is because some of the art pieces were really beautiful. But this anthology is not for queer people. It's for cishets who want to feel like they're allies but don't realize that true allies uplift the voices of those they are supposed to be supporting instead of speaking over the marginalized and centering themselves.

Dec 30, Aydin rated it it was ok Recommends it for: straight people? Shelves: comics , lgbtq , women-writers , writers-of-color. Boy, am I tired after reading this anthology. I gotta say, when I read that this book would "mourn the victims [of the Pulse shooting], examine love and celebrate the LGBTQ community," this is not what I imagined. Based on the joyful and optimistic cover image, I expected an emphasis on joyful and optimistic stories about LGBTQ indivuals, or else honest and insightful stories reflecting the range of LGBTQ experience, with some reference to the shooting.

I knew that many of the contributing creato Boy, am I tired after reading this anthology. The collection does contain a handful of joyful, optimistic stories about LGBTQ individuals and honest, insightful stories reflecting the range of LGBTQ experience, but the vast majority are specifically about the Pulse shooting, which was a shock, if only because I was seeking solace about being LGBTQ in an unwelcome world when I picked up the book.

But that was my bad for judging it by its cover; I adjusted my expectations and moved on. Recurring themes include "how do I, a cishet ally, explain this tragedy to my child," "that time someone came out to me," and the platitude of love being stronger than hate, offered by those not affected by the hate sanctioned by our laws and ingrained in our culture.

I found myself sighing in relief when my favorite cishet creators' contributions were completely unremarkable. Which is not to diminish the contributions of LGBTQ creators, whose personal narratives I am immensely grateful to have read. There weren't. Very many. View 2 comments. Jan 29, James DeSantis rated it liked it. This is special. This is something only goodhearted people can create. Now the stories. Some of them just didn't connect.

Some felt a bit repetitve. I get that, it's supposed to be the writers own views on it, but some just didn't gel well with me. I didn't feel like they had the right mindset. Also some didn't connect on the level of the events and what happened for me.

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On the flipside the good is the art for the most part is amazing. I really loved a lot of the stories here, especially the "white angry writer who doesn't know what to write" because it's similar to my view points, also the dog one killed me, I loved the one about mom and son, and even the Batman one was great when he visited the crime scene.

Listen this is worth buying for the fact of where your money is going to a good cause AND the meaning behind it. It's not perfect but it's a wonderful tribute for the most part. Please do buy it and see which stories connect for you. Feb 11, Calista rated it it was amazing Shelves: award-will-eisner , genre-love-story , comics-graphic-novel , , histiorical , sub-trans , diversity , genre-drama-tragedy , groundbreaking , lgbtq.

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I thought this was an amazing tribute. There is a lot of love in this book. This is a collection of 1 and 2 page stories to support people hurting from the Orlando Pulse Shooting. Writers from everywhere contributed, all in love. I'm going to start with my complaint.

The stories were too short. I wanted to stick with a story for a few pages. There should have been a story or two that was the anchor for the other short stories. Ok, that is my only complaint. The rest - amazing. So many emotions ra I thought this was an amazing tribute. So many emotions ran with this. So many stories of bravery and this book as a collective shows how important it is to be yourself.

It also celebrates being yourself, being brave in the face of fear and not allowing fear to stop you from Loving who you should. Love is Love. Thank you so much for putting this out. I was so moved! Feb 27, Jenny Reading Envy rated it really liked it Shelves: read , activism-and-revolution , graphic-novels-or-comics , ebooks , hoopla. Read this in tribute to the Orlando victims, in protest of legislation removing hard won rights for LGBT people, for love that is revolution. But keep a box of tissues handy, as in more than one. Feb 22, Liam rated it it was amazing.

Even though there were some stories better than others in here I just couldn't give this anything less than 5 stars! It was so powerful and it really did have an effect on me when reading. At times, I could only read a few pages a day because it had such a hard impact on me and was really pretty emotional! The stories were beautifully drawn and beautifully told and it was awesome to see some familiar faces in the stories too, such as dc characters and even the riverdale group!

This book will nev Even though there were some stories better than others in here I just couldn't give this anything less than 5 stars! This book will never leave me and I really encourage you all to go out and buy this! I am so blessed and thankful for the existence of this comic, what an empowering creation.

Thank you to DC and all those that came together to write this, the world needs more people like you! Feb 04, Neil or bleed rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels-and-comics , reads. Love wins! But this graphic novel. Not so much. Oct 29, Mir rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic. It probably goes without saying that this is a tear-jerker. I don't recommend it for reading on your commute, coffee-break, or at time when you are likely to be repeatedly interrupted by someone asking technical questions.

The entries are all short, one or two page spreads. Of course the quality varies, but I thought it was generally high, remarkably so given that the contributors apparently whipped it out in a matter of days. Clearly there wasn't a lot of time to try to coordinate or make sure e It probably goes without saying that this is a tear-jerker. Clearly there wasn't a lot of time to try to coordinate or make sure everyone was on the same page.

Thus, some are literal stories about the shooting or someone reaction to the news, some are metaphors, some are superhero investigations, etc. A few I didn't get, but that may be due to lack of familiarity with a specific extant graphic series that is being referenced. Some are even poems! My favorite of the last was Pedro Villora's rewrite "Furious Orlando".

My favorite image was probably Carla Speed Mcneil's depiction of text messages, which I'll try to add later. I'll definitely check out more of her work. Mar 05, BrokenTune rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. This is a collection of poetry, stories, and graphic artwork rather than one story. While all of the works included are expressing reactions to the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the overarching theme of the collection is love.