Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology

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Hruschka 4. EthicsCarolyn Fluehr-Lobban 5. Feminist methodsChristine Ward Gailey 6. Acquiring Information 7.

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Sampling and selecting participants in field researchGreg Guest 8. Participant observationKathleen Musante aka DeWalt 9. Behavioral observationRaymond Hames and Michael Paolisso Person-centered interviewingRobert I. Levy and Doug W. Hollan Structured interviewing and questionnaire constructionSusan Weller Discourse-centered methodsBrenda Farnell and Laura R.

Graham Visual anthropologyFadwa El Guindi Ethnographic methods for Internet culturesJeffrey Snodgrass Survey methodsWilliam W. Interpreting Information Reasoning with numbersW. Penn Handwerker and Steve Borgatti Russell Bernard Peregrine Spatial analysisEduardo S. Brondizio and Tracy Van Holt Applying and Presenting Information Kostick Ethnographic writing and presenting anthropologyConrad Kottak Joseph The Handbook contains a wealth of information and will be useful for any social scientist engaged in fieldwork. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates through faculty.

Cinema naivete: A study of home moviemaking as visual communication. Snapshot versions of life. Picturing culture through indigenous imagery: A telling story. Combining the applied, the visual and the medical: Patients teaching physicians with visual narratives. In Visual interventions: Applied visual anthropol- o ogy, ed. Pink, 53— New York: Berghahn Books. Chanock, F. Research ilms and the communications revolution.

Handbook of methods in cultural anthropology

C In Principles of visual anthropology, ed. Cohen, H. Early ethnographic ilm and documentary: Points of contact. In Origins of visual anthropology: Putting the past together. Conference Proceedings. Collier, J. Visual anthropology: Photography as a research method.

Visual anthropology and the future of ethnographic ilm, ed. Rollwagen, 73— Chur, Switzerland: Harwood Academic Press. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. Colombres, A. Colombres, 11— Aarhus, Denmark: Intervention Press. Crawford, P. Film as ethnography. Davey, G. Twenty years of Visual Anthropology. Visual Anthropology — Hockings, 13— Berlin: Mouton.

In Origins of visual anthropology: Put- ting the past together, ed. Beate and H.

Oral literature and African ilm: Narratology in Wend Kuuni. In Questions of ct ial third cinema, ed. Pines and P. Willemen, — London: British Film Institute. Edwards, E. Anthropology and photography — Visual Anthropology 1: — Los Angeles: El Nil Research. Charting content, freezing structure: A methodological base for visual eth- ro a nography.

Rollwagen, 11— Brock- port, NY: he Institute, Inc. From pictorializing to visual anthropology. In Handbook of methods in cul- tural anthropology, ed. Bernard, — In Origins of visual anthropology: Putting the past together, ed. Conference Proceed- ings. Beyond picturing culture: A critique of a critique. American Anthropologist — Visual anthropology: Essential method and theory.

N py El Guindi, F. Back to the future of visual anthropology: From rock art, to visual ethnog- raphy, to Powerpoint.

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In Memories of the origins of ethnographic ilm, ed. Engelbrecht, — Frankfurt: M. Peter Lang Verlag.

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Kinship by suckling: Extending limits on alliance. Anthropologicheskii Forum Forum for Anthropology and Culture. Russian Academy of Sciences. Special Forum on Kinship, Forum No.

Table of Contents: Handbook of methods in cultural anthropology /

El Guindi. Review of visual interventions: Applied visual anthropology. Milk and blood: Kinship among Muslim Arabs in Qatar. Anthropos A. Suckling as kinship. Anthropology Newsletter American Anthropological Association Suckling, adoption and the incest taboo: Signiicance of studying kinship for social science and for Qatar. Program, xv—xvi. Photography, power and the southern Nuba. Fischer, M. Raising questions about Rouch. Ginsburg, F. Visual Anthropology Review 64— Masques Dogon. Oarus: Presses Universitaires de France. Haddon, A.

Photography and folklore. Folklore 6: — Heider, K. Ethnographic ilm. Austin: University of Texas Press. Fieldwork with a cinema. Studies in Visual Communication 9: 2— Indonesian cinema: National culture on screen. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. Blakely, and T. Seeing anthropology: Cultural anthropol- ogy through ilm, 4th ed. Films for anthropological teaching, Vol. Hockings, P. Principles of visual anthropology. Ethnographic ilming and the development of anthropological theory. In Cinematographic theory and new dimensions in ethnographic ilm, ed.

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Hockings and Y. Omori, — Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology. Cinematographic theory and new dimensions in ethnographic r R te ilm. Husmann, R. Film and ieldwork: Some problems reconsidered. Ketelaar, 93— Gottingen, Germany: Edition Herodot. Jacknis, I. Franz Boas and photography. Studies in Visual Communication 2— Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson in Bali: heir use of photography and ilm.

N py Jacknis, I. James Mooney as an ethnographic photographer. Visual Anthropology 3: 2—3. George Hunt, Kwakiutl photographer. Kendon, A. Gesticulation and speech: Two aspects of the process of utterance. In he rela- C tionship of verbal and nonverbal communication, ed. Key, — Conducting interaction: Patterns of behavior in focused encounters. Cam- bridge: Cambridge University Press.

Some considerations for a theory of language origins. Man — Gesture: Visible action as utterance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. A description of some human greetings. In Comparative ecology and behavior of primates, ed. Michael and J. Crook, — London: Academic Press. Koloss, H. Bogaart and H. Ketelaar, 87— Leroi-Gourhan, A. Cinema et sciences humaines—Le ilm ethnologique existe-t-il? Innovation in ethnographic ilm: From innocence to self—consciousness, — MacDougall, D. Ethnographic ilm: Failure and promise.

Annual Review of Anthropology 7: — Beyond observational cinema. Marcus, B. Visual methods in social research. London: Sage. Marks, D. Ethnography and ethnographic ilm: From Flaherty to Asch and ater. Ameri- can Anthropologist — McQuown, N. Retrospects and prospects. Anthropology and human behavior. In Anthro- pology and human behavior, ed. Gladwin and W. Sturtevant, — Anthropology and the camera. In he encyclopedia of photography, ed. New York: Greystone Press. Visual anthropology in a discipline of words.

In Principles of visual anthropol- ro a ogy, 2nd ed. Hockings, 3— Naroll, R. Cohen, eds. Handbook of method in cultural anthropology. Nijland, D. A history of ethnographic ilm, video and multimedia in the Netherlands. Vermeulen and J. Kommers, — Nijmegen Studies in Development and Cultural Change, Omori, Y. Basic problems in developing ilm ethnography.

Osaka: fo igh National Museum of Ethnology. Peterson, A. Some methods of ethnographic ilming. In Principles of visual anthropol- ogy, ed. Some thoughts on verbal and non-verbal expression in anthropological ilms. Pink, S. Visual interventions. Oxford: Berghahn Books. Images, senses and applied visual anthropology. Regnault, F. Le role du cinema en ethnographie. La Nature —6. C Rollwagen, J. Anthropological ilmmaking: Anthropological perspectives on the produc- tion of ilm and video for general public audiences. Chur, Switzerland: Harwood Academic Publishers.

Rollwagen, J.

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La camera et les hommes. In Pour une anthropologie visuelle, ed. Paris: Mouton. In Principles of visual anthropology, 2nd ed. Hock- ings, 79— Our totemic ancestors and crazed masters. An examination of the need and potential for visual anthropology in the Indian social context. In Visual anthropology and India: Proceedings of a seminar, ed.

Singh, 16— Calcutta: Anthropological Survey of India. The result is an essential guide for all scholars, professionals, and advanced students who employ fieldwork. In stock online Delivery Days. Product Details. Delivery And Returns. All orders will be delivered by An Post.