Feminism and the Classroom Teacher: Research, Praxis, Pedagogy

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The full citation is listed here. The article examines the concept of a politicized ethic of care , a teaching philosophy that is commonly rooted in the pedagogies of exemplary Black women teachers. Lane challenges Western and gender-neutral approaches to caring for urban Black girls through an inductive analysis of curricula, in-class video footage, student artifacts, and interviews with former participants. Implications for teacher education research are also presented.

Congratulations to the Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership graduating class of ! I have had the immense pleasure of growing with our Teacher Leader candidates during the academic year. Over the course of twelve months, MATL candidates explored the personal beliefs that guide their practice, conducted a formal action research study, and expanded their development as teacher leaders committed to promoting educational equity.

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I suggest this can be read in terms of an imperfect hooksian learning community, in which all who participate learn and seek change. Come Together, Dance Together, Grow Together This statement forms the motto for an extra-curricular, student-led dance project I have set up with black, working class young women in my workplace, with the pedagogical discussions of this article as a theoretical basis.

This has certainly reflected my experience, especially as a white, middle class teacher striving to develop a liberatory pedagogy with black working class girls. Brown , however, is keen to point out that in such pedagogical projects, failure and imperfection are inevitable, and should be both expected and embraced as part of a process of continual, and hopeful, reflection and development. Indeed, as Apple et al. Ahmed, S. Racialised bodies.

In Real bodies: A sociological introduction , ed. Evans, and E. Palgrave: Hampshire.

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    Feminism and the Classroom Teacher: Research, Praxis, Pedagogy

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    London: Macmillan. Pedagogy of the oppressed. Pedagogy of hope: Reliving pedagogy of the oppressed. London: Bloomsbury Academic. A pedagogy for liberation. Gottschild, B. The black dancing body: A geography from coon to cool. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Gove, M. When discussing war, there are always at least two perspectives from which to view the conflict. You finish with a polished thesis and a parting lecture. All this with the expert guidance of authors who, throughout your individualized instruction, become familiar with and develop a stake in your work. Our faculty-student ratio of provides a true mentorship experience.

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