Essential Guide to Wedding Etiquette

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List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: 14 August Items related to Essential Guide to Wedding Etiquette. Stock Image. Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca, New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. Traditionally, percher hats should always be worn tilting to the right.

Heads up! An essential guide to wedding hat etiquette

If they are going to be decorated or embellished in any way - with flowers, feathers or jewels - ensure that your accessories are placed on the right too. Pictures courtesy of Your Pictures. They are not as overbearing and mean that you can still style your hair as you want, whilst adding a pop of colour and style.

Wide brimmed hats Ladies with rounder faces can usually pull off a wider brimmed hat with a curled brim. If you can, try it on with your hair styled as you will wear it on the day and with your high heels, so you can get a better idea of how it will look.

For your colour, a bold bright colour which contrasts with your outfit can make for a striking look. Sun hats Floppy sun hats have a retro feel, but are rapidly coming back into fashion. And, the great thing about this hat is that it works with almost any face shape! Do you want lace, netting or tulle? A bride can couple her veil with a fascinator, headband or tiara.

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There are many great sources online and in stores for thank you notes, you just have to decide which style to use. You can order personalized stationery on which to write your thank you notes, or you pick up a box of generic thank you cards from a local store.

There's no right or wrong when it comes to your thank you note design style, just choose whatever you like. The important part is that the notes get sent! Some couples also prefer to wait until after the wedding to send customized thank you cards featuring photos from the big day. If that's the case, then you'll likely be putting off all your thank you note writing until after the honeymoon, but it does add for a nice, personalized touch. Choose your favorites and order them in the appropriate quantity to meet your needs.

The Top 10 Biggest Wedding Etiquette Don'ts

Having stationery on hand is at least half the battle, so make sure you're prepared! If you're having trouble deciding how to write your wedding thank you notes, you'll find that writing from the heart is best. You can also explore thank you note wording examples to get ideas for the best phrasing for every recipient's note. You'll definitely want to make each note personal. Address the recipients by name and share a specific thank you for whatever gift they gave you, whether it was something they purchased or just the gift of their time and energy to help you with some aspect of planning.

You might be wondering when is the appropriate length of time to send a thank you note, or simply "how late is too late? However, some etiquette advice says that sending a thank you note later than three months post-wedding is simply inexcusable.

Wedding etiquette is tricky stuff

In general, it is best to send your thank-you notes in a timely manner, ideally as soon as possible after you receive the gift. Sending your thanks promptly gives the gift-giver more immediate appreciation for their thoughtfulness. Plus, it simply gets one more thing on your to-do list done!

Whatever system you use to keep track of addresses should also include a way to mark thank you notes that have been sent out. This will help you keep track of who still needs to be thanked so you don't miss anyone. For instance, if you use a spreadsheet, add a column labeled "Gifts" and one labeled "Thank You Notes.

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You can also change the color of a row to indicate status. Additionally, address book programs, such as Postable, offer ways to export your addresses to a spreadsheet. Try to write your thank you notes as you receive the gifts to avoid becoming overwhelmed.