Bayou-Diversity: Nature and People in the Louisiana Bayou Country

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Broad Sandy Shelf. Old Channel Of Bayou Rouge. Morganza Floodway - North End. Underwater Pipeline Crossings.

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Aerial Pipeline Crossing. Melville Union Pacific Railroad Bridge. Melville Boat Ramp Primitive. Melville To Krotz Springs. Broad Bay. Cross Bayou.

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Open Field Cow Pasture. Cross Bayou Point Owl Hoot. Small Sandbar. Sandy Landings. Bayou Sherman Point. Krotz Springs Utility Crossings. High Sand Dune. Gravel Landing. Wire Suspension Bridge For Pipeline. Krotz Springs Boat Ramp. Krotz Springs History. Port Of Krotz Springs. Krotz Springs To The Split.

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  4. Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge. Sherburne Bend. Frank Diesl Point. Small Sand Dune. Bayou Big Graw Boat Ramp. Bayou Courtableau. Coswell Point. Courtableau Point. Two Blue Holes. Alabama Point. Old Atchafalaya Point. Whiskey Bay Pilot Channel. I The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. Sand Dune. Union Texas Petrochemical Aerial Crossing.

    Bayou Des Glaises. Splice Lake. Pat's Throat. Willow Point. Blue Heron Point. Upper Grand River. Little Tensas Bayou. Texaco Resources Dock. Splice Island Bottom End. Jake's Bayou.

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    Three Major Pipelines. Lake Mongoulois Point. RBD Bayou Chene.

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    Tarleton Bayou. Bayou Sorrel.

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    7. East Grand Lake. Bee Bayou. Chicot Pass. Pipeline Tailings. Philip's Canal. Danbury Management Corp Dock. Canal Entrance. Pipeline Canal. Texas Gas Transmission Co. Attakapas Island Wildlife Management Area. Blue Hole. Kelby was instrumental in the the establishment of Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge and its development as a premier environmental education site. He and his wife Amy live in the woods near Rocky Branch, Louisiana, in a cypress house surrounded by white oaks and black hickories.

      Bayou-Diversity 2: Nature and People in the Louisiana Bayou Country

      The myths that surround snakes are almost as amazing as the irrational fear that many people have of these reptiles. It is likely that more people injure themselves trying to kill harmless snakes than are harmed by poisonous ones.

      That it was also a fount of life's lessons was not apparent to me at the time. Come out! Wherever you are!

      Bayou Country

      My mother, a south Mississippi country girl who migrated to Louisiana, instructed me to recite the passage while poking a straw into a doodlebug hole. Of course, to enhance the chances of catching this animal, you should always spit on the end of the straw first. For a five-year-old, the educational and entertainment value of this exercise is unsurpassed. As a species, we have never liked the darkness of night. For several hundred thousand years we have retreated to caves and other shelters, huddled closer to blazing fires, and shouldered a heavier burden of anxiety soon after sunset. Predators real and imagined lurked in the shadows; denizens of the spirit world had their way after dark.

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      Everyone had stories of bad things that happened when the vital sense of vision was rendered impotent at night. What does it say about a country that shoots and poisons its national emblem into extinction? This scenario almost played out in America, at least in the lower 48 states. The bald eagle, that majestic raptor that adorns our currency and stands as a symbol of strength and freedom, came perilously close to disappearing throughout its range except in Alaska. In the realm of commercial forestry, trees with holes are undesirable.

      They take up space where more valuable, sound trees can grow. For that reason cavity trees have been all but eliminated on millions of acres.