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At some point, the arcs may expand to fill the whole sky, moving rapidly and becoming very bright.

This is the peak of what is called an auroral substorm. Then in the early morning the auroral forms can take on a more cloud-like appearance. These diffuse patches often blink on and off repeatedly for hours, then they disappear as the sun rises in the east.

The best place to observe the aurora is under an oval shaped region between the north and south latitudes of about 60 and 75 degrees. At these polar latitudes, the aurora can be observed more than half of the nights of a given year. When space weather activity increases and more frequent and larger storms and substorms occur, the aurora extends equatorward.

Crazy Aurora Summer Nights

During large events, the aurora can be observed as far south as the US, Europe, and Asia. During very large events, the aurora can be observed even farther from the poles. Below are links to Aurora Resources please note you will need to be logged in to your MyLF account in order to view the resources. Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales no. It is run as a unique partnership bringing together leadership experts and higher education institutions to take positive action to address the under-representation of women in leadership positions in the sector.

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Search site. Aurora has had a huge impact for Brunel. It has highlighted our commitment to gender equality and ensuring women have the opportunity to apply for more senior positons in the organisation and that we want them to stay, grow and develop with us. Aurora has helped our participants to maximise their talents and develop leadership skills and acumen. Several have succeeded in advancing their careers, either through promotion or by attaining new leadership roles.

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Who is Aurora for? How does Aurora work? Booking Aurora All bookings on Aurora must be made through or with the permission of your institutions Aurora Champion list found here.

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The project was launched on 1 February , with a month duration. In particular, it covers the lower layers of the atmosphere over Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, where ozone action acts as a pollutant and as a greenhouse gas.

The project will use innovative methods to combine the information measured by the various tools, short-term forecasting models, a web-GIS that will allow access to data and a database with state of the art techniques for big-data management. This combination will stimulate development of innovative downstream applications with high commercial potential.

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The project will develop two examples of commercial applications in the field of preventive health care, based on near real time monitoring and on short-term forecasts of ozone pollution. The first deals with ozone pollution in the lowermost layers of the atmosphere and the second with dosimetry of UV radiation. His knowledge and competences will be greatly missed.

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